The Basic of Product Sourcing Service

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According to statistics, worldwide e-commerce sales are predicted to reach $6.54 trillion by 2023, implying that there has never been a better moment to sell things online.

Product sourcing is the greatest alternative unless your organization is equipped to manufacture or create your products in-house.

This article will teach you all you need to know about product sourcing services.

What is product sourcing?

Product sourcing is the process of identifying products to sell, purchasing them from a third party, and then reselling them.

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Different product sourcing methods

There are a variety of ways for retailers to source their items, and it's vital to do your investigation to figure out which one is ideal for your company and its needs. The ways are:


A manufacturer or supplier is a business that creates items from the ground up and sells them in large quantities to retailers or wholesalers.

They're recognized for having a high minimum order quantity (MOQ), which means you'll have to order huge amounts of things and find a storage location to deliver the stock to clients.


Wholesalers operate as go-betweens between manufacturers and retailers. They buy things straight from producers and resale them at a higher cost to retailers.

It's vital to remember that wholesalers don't create the things they sell; instead, their primary goal is to distribute them in large quantities.

Drop shipping

Drop shipping is the only type of product sourcing approach that eliminates the need for retailers to handle the things they're buying. The retailer does not need to keep any inventory or purchase it in quantity.

They pay the item's wholesale price plus a minor shipping cost, and the drop shipping company packages and ships the purchase directly to a consumer.


Customers seeking distinctive, one-of-a-kind items are increasingly interested in buying handmade stuff.

Instead of buying things from a third party, shops would make them themselves using this approach.

The do’s of product sourcing servicing

When product sourcing, you should take the necessary actions:

Ask for samples

Obtaining samples from a company is a vital step in the process since it allows you to assess the product's quality, how it was delivered, and the time it took you to acquire it.

Before proceeding further, you should always ask a potential supplier to offer you a sample of the product you're interested in.

Make your product affordable

You'll need a thorough awareness of the market in which your product is being sold, as well as what other businesses are charging for a similar product.

Know what product you want to sell

Understanding what to look for will assist you in finding a firm that can create the goods you want and in interacting with them.

Do thorough research

When considering engaging with a new supplier or manufacturer, it is your job to conduct a thorough investigation.

You should also research the products you intend to buy from them to ensure you aren't being duped or selling substandard or counterfeit goods.  

The don’t of product sourcing service

When product sourcing, you should not take the following actions:

Just contact one company

When it relates to working with manufacturers, you should always keep your choices open. If you simply call one vendor, you may miss out on a company that is a perfect fit for your business.

Feel like you’re asking too many questions 

When it comes to product procurement, you can never ask too many questions. 

Only use Google to look for companies

When looking for a company to source products from, don't just research 'wholesale supplier' or 'drop shipping company.' Attending trade events, where you may speak with hundreds of manufacturers or suppliers in person, is a fantastic choice.

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The process of sourcing products can be unpleasant and time-consuming. We hope that this post has helped you understand some of the key parts of the process and that it has aided you in getting started with product sourcing.

Please contact us if you require more assistance with the process or would like to be connected with vendors.


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