E-Commerce Fulfillment Services Guide to Enhance Your E-Commerce Development

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Professional e-commerce fulfillment services can give your business enough of a competitive edge to take the worry out of managing your customers' orders, real-time shipping and inventory management. Establishing and continuously optimizing your e-commerce fulfillment system is an inevitable choice for e-commerce business development ...

An article that tells you the guide to e-commerce fulfillment services to enhance your e-commerce growth.

In the past two decades, the rapid development of e-commerce providers has driven the development of e-commerce companies, and the rapid development of e-commerce is constantly testing the supply chain resources of e-commerce companies in packaging, logistics and inventory management, which has also caused greater competitive pressure within the industry for e-commerce companies. Usually small e-commerce companies have fewer resources at their disposal in packaging and logistics, and facing high labor and resource costs, they always don't have too much energy to develop their products, and e-commerce fulfillment service companies are born. There is a saying that speaks directly to the importance of e-commerce fulfillment companies. Successful e-commerce businesses all have one thing in common: great e-commerce fulfillment services.

Definition of e-commerce fulfillment services:

E-commerce fulfillment companies are third-party providers that specialize in order fulfillment for traditional e-commerce companies, as well as companies such as brick-and-mortar stores that do not have warehouses and distribution facilities. In simple terms, e-commerce fulfillment is the entire process of delivering an order to a customer after the customer has ordered online. E-commerce fulfillment is also commonly defined as the process of receiving, processing, and delivering an order to a customer.

Technically, it means that an e-commerce company can outsource the order fulfillment, from receiving and storing inventory for the order, processing the order, picking the items, packing and shipping the items to the customer's shipping destination, in addition to customer support and return services, this entire detailed process is done outside of your company.

Partnering with an e-commerce fulfillment company can reduce infrastructure and logistics costs, and improve operational efficiency and focus. E-commerce fulfillment is defined as the entire process of delivering an order to a customer by an e-commerce company after the customer has placed an order online. This part of e-commerce fulfillment includes receiving and storing inventory, processing the order, picking items, packing, and shipping the goods to the customer's shipping destination.

Types of companies providing e-commerce fulfillment services:

There are three main types of e-commerce fulfillment providers in the market today: divisions of large e-commerce or logistics companies, pure e-commerce fulfillment service companies, and technology-focused order fulfillment startups.

  • Departments of large e-commerce or logistics companies: large e-commerce platforms like Amazon have the most advanced e-commerce fulfillment networks, and Amazon FBA is the first choice for e-commerce business owners.
  • Pure e-commerce fulfillment service company: Angetion is a pure e-commerce fulfillment service company, specializing in providing e-commerce fulfillment services to small and medium-sized e-commerce business owners to provide professional and intimate fulfillment services.
  • Technology-focused order fulfillment startup: ShipBob is a technology-oriented fulfillment services and logistics solutions company.

E-commerce order fulfillment process:

  • Integration of our e-commerce fulfillment system to your online store, facilitating subsequent order management, inventory management and logistics tracking.
  • Service order information review, our staff will be entered for the order information to verify the date, quantity and other key information of the order.
  • Fulfillment of storage services picking and packing, Angetion can perform picking and packing with automated equipment, professional staff, and good storage and systems that can safely store your products and quickly process orders.
  • Logistics tracking, label the packaged products, synchronize to the order fulfillment system docked to a good store, track the logistics information real-time update logistics status.

Features of e-commerce order fulfillment programs:

Flexible and customized e-commerce fulfillment solutions are essential to the success of an e-commerce company. As e-commerce business continues to grow, as well as new product development and peak seasons, order fulfillment programs are constantly adjusted to give companies more time and energy to devote to production.

  • Reduced shipping costs: E-commerce fulfillment companies work with many e-commerce companies, strong infrastructure enables volume discounts, and strong warehousing and shipping capabilities reduce shipping costs.
  • Significant geographic reach: Most e-commerce fulfillment companies have significant geographic locations with their own order fulfillment warehouses around the world, enabling efficient order fulfillment services through rational resource allocation.
  • Efficient resource allocation, e-commerce fulfillment companies efficiently realize the allocation and sharing of human resources and logistics information through system construction, selection and packaging services, and warehousing and distribution.
  • Professional information technology processing capability, professional e-commerce fulfillment providers have a comprehensive order processing system that can efficiently record and track logistics information.

E-commerce fulfillment gives you the advantage:

  • Improving order satisfaction, as shown by research data, free delivery and timely response speed can enhance consumer satisfaction with orders to a greater extent, which is where e-commerce order fulfillment companies excel. Moreover, order fulfillment companies can efficiently solve the problem of return and exchange, which has won a good customer base for the company.
  • Reducing operating costs, e-commerce fulfillment companies are able to obtain volume discounts and can offer discounts on logistics and transportation; professional staff are available for statistical labeling, tracking and packing of orders, saving personnel costs; standardized and mechanized operation of warehouses reduces the cost of warehousing orders, reducing the operating costs of companies in every aspect, thus focusing on business development.
  • Customized multi-channel logistics system, e-commerce fulfillment companies have a strong multi-channel logistics system, not limited to sea freight, but also air freight, to be able to customize exclusive logistics methods according to the nature of the product and the timeliness of the order, to improve the satisfaction of the order.
  • Improve brand extension, excellent order fulfillment can better market the company's brand, while also allowing companies to have more time and energy to invest in brand building, professional e-commerce fulfillment is also an economic form of income.

The difference between e-commerce fulfillment services and traditional 3PL:

While there is some overlap between traditional 3PL and e-commerce fulfillment services, most 3PL companies focus on providing only the basic functions of logistics, i.e., pick and pack, warehousing, distribution, etc.), while full-service e-commerce fulfillment centers offer a more comprehensive range of services, including customer support and returns.

  • Speed of delivery - Given their model, traditional 3PLs lack the means to achieve immediate delivery for brands; at best, they can reduce wait times, but reducing delivery times is costly for them. E-commerce fulfillment service centers, on the other hand, can handle both processing time and delivery, both quickly.
  • Cost - 3PLs typically charge based on weight, time and distance, while modern e-commerce solutions like Angie's charge a fixed fee. Just-in-time commerce fulfillment solutions typically locate inventory in advance at micro fulfillment centers internationally, thereby significantly reducing the amount of shipping and delivery required for each order, even if the number of dedicated deliveries increases significantly.
  • Sustainability - Another key difference is the proximity to the end customer. E-commerce fulfillment services can bring the product and brand effect closer to the user, giving the user an intimate service experience that is conducive to the sustainability of the brand.

E-commerce fulfillment and order fulfillment:

E-commerce order fulfillment and traditional order fulfillment are different methods of ensuring proper and timely delivery to customers. The following are some of the key differences between the two.

  • E-commerce order fulfillment ships products directly to the online shopper making the purchase.

    The first difference between online fulfillment and traditional fulfillment is that the former ships the product directly to the customer, while the latter sends the order to a distribution center for customer pickup. This difference stems from the type of products each type of fulfillment center sells. E-commerce distribution centers ship smaller, individual items, while traditional fulfillment warehouses ship large, bulk items that cannot be delivered to customers' homes. When a company sends orders directly to customers in a fast and error-free manner, it satisfies buyers and enhances the brand's reputation.

  • E-commerce order fulfillment is a fast process.

    Traditional fulfillment centers operate by shipping inventory to retailers who will then stock these items on their shelves. These shipments are received on a weekly basis or so. If a product is out of stock, the buyer must wait. This method is clearly not customer-friendly.
    Consumers now expect their orders to be delivered to their doorstep within a few business days. Since e-commerce fulfillment logistics are fully automated, it allows your company to quickly process, select, package and ship products. As you know, customer satisfaction is the key to your company's success. Delivering the right items quickly will better ensure that your customers will continue to do business with you.

  • E-commerce fulfillment warehouses are distribution centers.

    For traditional retail stores, distribution centers and warehouses are located off-site. Items are constantly being shipped from the distribution center to the retail store. E-commerce order fulfillment instead uses the warehouse as a distribution center. E-commerce logistics software seamlessly acts as your customer service, order processing and shipping platform. This can help you save money and keep your customers happy.

  • E-commerce fulfillment warehouses need to carry a wider variety of SKUs.

    In warehousing, each product in your inventory has a unique SKU barcode. SKUs are units of inventory for products.SKUs allow your company to track inventory by providing important details such as size, type, color, price, style and brand. E-commerce warehouses with more SKUs can locate and ship inventory quickly. Buyers can get the right items quickly, which improves their buying experience. In a traditional order fulfillment process, warehouses have fewer products in stock, which means fewer SKUs.

  • The e-commerce fulfillment warehouse is responsible for the return and exchange process.

    E-commerce fulfillment warehouses oversee your company's return and exchange process. These online order fulfillment warehouses utilize online e-commerce fulfillment services that are synchronized with your website shopping cart and shipping options. A simple, fast exchange and return process helps calm unhappy customers and prevents buyers from leaving.
    For traditional order fulfillment, returns and exchanges are more time-consuming because these fulfillment centers rely on interacting with buyers in person or over the phone. This requires additional work for the buyer to return the item and more work for the company to replace the item.

These are the reasons why you should choose an e-commerce fulfillment company. Next I would like to introduce you to Angetion, a professional order fulfillment service provider. High processing speed: We can process orders efficiently and guarantee that they are dispatched within 24 hours, ensuring that orders are fulfilled in a timely and correct manner.

  • Customized packaging services: We will provide standardized packaging services, but for special orders there will be different packaging materials, do customized selection and packaging, packaging orders can be perfectly presented to customers.
  • Branded Packaging: For companies that need to do brand marketing, we also have complete branded and customized packaging, matching and assembled products, and marketing inserts to increase your customer loyalty and boost your sales.
  • Extra-long free warehousing: For the e-commerce order fulfillment warehouse services and solutions segment, we offer 60 days free warehousing. And our warehousing is mechanized and systematically operated, so you can store your goods with confidence.
  • Thoughtful inventory management: We use a WMS system to record and update the quantity, size and inventory of products. You'll be notified when products are low in stock and you can prepare your best-selling products on time.

Our international e-commerce fulfillment services give you full coverage of over 200 countries and regions from China to the world. Choose us to be your e-commerce fulfillment service provider and give yourself the opportunity to fully develop your orders.


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