5 Ways Barcode Can Improve Your Ecommerce /Warehouse Fulfillment Service

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Facts or information present in a barcode is normally in association with the stock keeping unit or a process of getting an order. However, in other for the user to get more ideas the data has to be scanned and displayed.

A carton that is being shipped having a barcode can link the order and get data like the delivery address, name of the customer, how the product is shipped and the item in the carton. Returned proves or barcodes on document can recover the right report from the server.

Manifesting systems and shipping has not been used to their maximum potential despite been in place for a long time. Back in the days, traders found out a way in which they can increase their controlled operation and decrease costs.

All activities within the follow copy is associated by barcodes which helps you to detect the “when”, ”what”, and “who”. Value-adding factor, labor tracking, put away, recycling, packing, and picking were used by most traders we worked with.

Worthy of note for directors that are not involved the selecting and implementing the system is to know that scanning and marking of barcode without the linking to WMS or standalone inventory system are of no use. 

Below are few ways in which barcode can provide greater cost savings of a good ROI and operational efficiency:

  • Order Throughput and High Speed

It will be very difficult to ship an increased percentage of items on the same day without5 the use of barcode scanning and all key procedures. it is very essential, if your business is growing.

  • Low Clerical Costs

All activity such as inventory transfers,  documents, including receipt among physical counts and returns and location for scanning and data capturing in fulfillment centers, will be carried out by workers who fail to use barcode.

  •  Reduction in Error

Manual source documents that are clerically keyed leads to errors in data entry from  an unreadable handwriting.  

Documents that are  hand  written and keying have a total probability of error, whereas you get close to 100%  using barcode scanning. The accuracy of barcode scanners  on average is 1 error for every 70 million pieces of scanned data.

Warehouse Fulfillment Service

  • Outshining Inventory Accuracy

One of the single biggest balance sheet assets in multichannel businesses is inventory.

A tight inventory audit trails is mostly owned by some warehouse management system (WMS). All inventory locations in a stock keeping unit can be accessed which is in and has been in.

And all product kept in the inventory location are visible.  Every transaction has a barcode scan that inserts a worker’s date/number/time stamp.

In other for you to lock down accuracy to 99.9% or higher the two technologies must be in place.

For you to eliminate physical counts, cycling counting is sometimes allowed, resulting in large savings after it has proven accurate. To ensure fast inventory turns and less tied up cash in idle inventory better controls are needed.

  • Enhanced Processes

To step-up inventory management, you can use barcode to scan and retrieve PO records and purchase order; pick tickets.

Similarly, it can be used to order documents to access customer records and returns processing from labels; production identification on individual SKUs, and individual employees identification cartons or pallets.

Each level, bin slot, zone and aisle should make use of  barcode for tracking inventory movement using  various locations and processes.

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