What Is Pick And Pack Fulfillment And How Is It Beneficial?

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Are you spending hours fulfilling orders to your customers? Your process is probably slow and laborious. Even after all the time you spend, you can still make costly mistakes like using a wrong shipping address.

What you need is a pick and pack fulfillment service.

Making the decision that you need a fulfillment service is easy. What’s hard is choosing a pick and pack fulfillment service that’s right for your business.

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What is Pick and Pack Fulfillment?

Pick and pack fulfillment is part of the supply chain management process. It’s the process of picking sold product, packing it, and then affixing a shipping label and invoice to the product.

When this is done, your product is ready to be shipped.

In laymen terms, it’s whatever process you take after you sell an item that needs to be shipped to the customer. You pick your inventory, pack it in a box, and then slap a shipping label on it.

As a seller, you can either do this process yourself or you can use a fulfillment service to do it for you.


Benefits of pick and pack fulfillment services

Outsourcing order fulfillment allows an online store to focus on other priorities. A fulfillment partner that offers different storage facilities can move items closer to the customers. That results in shipping savings and faster delivery, hence better customer service. A fulfillment center focusing on the fulfillment process will likely have a higher order accuracy rate and better quality control, since they focus on the fulfillment process. These facilities may also give the ecommerce company access to their WMS, providing visibility into the inventory management process, helping with the supply chain planning process. 

Pick and pack fulfillment services buy and offer multiple packing types, which can result in savings to the online store as well. There’s no need for the company to purchase a large selection of packaging materials for every size, and by using appropriate-sized packaging, shipping costs are lower. These fulfillment services often specialize in kitting services, so subscription box companies know their customers will get an excellent product.

Choosing the right fulfillment process and fulfillment partner is a big decision for ecommerce companies. Fortunately, companies don’t have to reinvent the wheel. There are excellent fulfillment centers across the country to act as fulfillment partners, and some offer different storage facilities based on location needs. Stord can help you find and operate the best pick and pack fulfillment for your needs.

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Looking for a pick and pack fulfillment service provider?

Angetion provides one-stop ordering fulfillment solutions, including product procurement, quality inspection, warehousing, pick-up packaging and global transportation from China to the world. It focuses on providing services to crowdfunding event owners, Amazon, eBay sellers, Shopify store owners and other platform store owners, making one-stop logistics simple, efficient and economical. If you have any need, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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