E-commerce Order Fulfillment: Strategies for Winning Customers

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Taking orders is not the core of running an online business. Fulfilling orders is!

It’s not just about making sure your order reaches its destination, it’s about making sure it arrives on time, piece by piece, and keeping your business happy.

How do you make sure all of this happens and keep happy, loyal customers? we tell you, right here.


Clarify all of your store's policies

No one wants to be fooled by shady or questionable privacy policies or terms and conditions. At the same time, however, a study found that 99% of respondents agreed to the terms and conditions without reading them (the experiment included absurdity in the terms and conditions, such as granting a website to users eldest son naming rights).

For the avoidance of any doubt, please keep all policies available at multiple points throughout the sales funnel. When you voluntarily take responsibility for providing this vital information, rather than hiding it behind the fine print, you increase your customer's sense of trust and security. Ultimately, this can translate into higher conversion rates, more revenue, and higher profit margins.


Create a loyalty program

Incentivize customers to keep visiting your store by offering them a loyalty or rewards program. As if getting great service and great products wasn't enough, you can give your customers some sweet surprises to really make them feel like a VIP.

There is almost no end to the types of incentives you can offer your customers. From discounts to free gifts, vouchers to sweepstakes - the only limit is your imagination!

Offers multiple fulfillment options

There are a few things you can do to strengthen your business by giving your customers a range of different fulfillment options to choose from.

First of all, as long as there are options there, it shows a higher level of professionalism. A narrow range of delivery options (or worse, just one) sends a clear message to your customers: Orders will reach them when it's right for you, not when it's right for them. We shouldn't tell you, but it's not a good business idea.

Second, each of your customers will be different. They will have different availability schedules to receive orders, different budgets, different geographic distances from your distribution center, etc. Even if you look at individual customers, they may have different fulfillment needs, depending on what they're buying.


Choose an excellent order management system

You may work with multiple suppliers on multiple e-commerce platforms and conduct an online business through various fulfillment points. As you struggle to keep all those plates spinning, you may find yourself struggling to keep pace with all the processes associated with every aspect of a complex business model.

Keep things simple with a top order management system. The best will integrate seamlessly with every platform you run, aggregate multiple data sources in one place, and allow you to properly manage all your orders without breaking a sweat.

Of course, the downstream impact of using an order management system is that there are fewer issues to deal with and you'll have an optimized consumer journey.


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