Factors To Consider When You Choose Logistics Service Providers

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For cross-border e-commerce, logistics is a very important part. Not only does logistics cost account for a large part of operating costs, but the timeliness of logistics, the integrity of goods, and the services of logistics providers are also crucial. When choosing a logistics service provider, sellers should examine the strength and reputation of the service provider, and do not choose a service provider based on low prices. Once the logistics provider is unprofessional and irresponsible, the damage to the store will be significant.

Possible issues and challenges:

 logistics service provider,

1. Shipping and timeliness issues

According to product characteristics, timeliness requirements, and cost control, our company integrates the resources of our air freight and terminal logistics providers, and has launched small packages by sea, special air freight lines, air freight express lines, postal services, express delivery, and overseas warehouses. and other logistics channels to meet your freight and timeliness requirements for logistics.

2. Address error problem

In response to this problem of public e-commerce and crowdfunding sellers, our company has launched a special line that includes the additional service that once the delivery fails due to the wrong address, the recipient is not at home, etc., the package will be returned to the overseas warehouse for free within the specified time range. Within, you can change the address for re-delivery to avoid the loss of goods being destroyed due to wrong address and other reasons.

3. EU tariff issues

Since the EU's new tax reform on July 1, 2021, our company has launched our prepaid VAT logistics channel if e-commerce sellers do not have IOSS and VAT numbers, so as to achieve zero disturbance to recipients and improve recipients’ user experience.

4. Cargo Tracking

Our logistics channels can track the whole process of logistics, and our staff will also update and feedback the status of parcel receipt in time.

logistics service provider

5. Wrong delivery, lost parts, damaged problems

Wrong Delivery: Improves the efficiency and accuracy of picking and packing orders through WMS systems and barcode scanning. The order accuracy rate reached 99.99%.

Breakage: In order to reduce the damage rate and shipping cost, our packaging solutions are always based on the characteristics of your product, we use the most suitable type of packaging material to keep it light and safe and reduce the breakage of the goods. Basic packaging materials include bubble wrap, corner protectors, packaging bags, foam envelope bags, etc. If you have a need for custom packaging or value-added services.

Lost pieces: In the process of following up the parcel receipt, our staff will take the initiative to verify with the end service provider once they find that the logistics has not been updated. Once the service provider confirms the lost piece, they will pay 100%.

Looking for a professional logistics service provider?

Angetion provides one-stop ordering fulfillment solutions, including product procurement, quality inspection, warehousing, pick-up packaging and global transportation from China to the world. It focuses on providing services to crowdfunding event owners, Amazon, eBay sellers, Shopify store owners and other platform store owners, making one-stop logistics simple, efficient and economical. If you are looking for a logistics service provider, we will absolutely be your best choice.


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