How Does Crowdfunding Fulfillment Services Work?

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Crowdfunding fulfillment services are derived from the booming of crowdfunding. When a project is successfully funded, the creator shall complete the project and fulfill each reward to the best of their abilities. Then, in order to finish all the work that was promised and deliver rewards, the creator will generally entrust a third party to provide services such as inventory management, picking, packing, and shipping of a product that was funded online. Since the services are all work for crowdfunding fulfillment, so they are collectively called crowdfunding fulfillment services.

Crowdfunding shipping fulfillment is not the same as traditional order fulfillment in that it usually involves:

Multiple shipments. If you’re selling various products, each in different sizes or colors, you’ll likely have to ship many different types of orders.

Multiple delivery dates. Most crowdfunding campaigns are time-limited, so you won’t be able to fulfill all orders at once.

International shipments. Many crowdfunding platforms allow international backers. That means your products may have to meet customs and import/export regulations in several countries.

Here, we will break down the steps to explain exactly how a crowdfunding service works.

Crowdfunding shipping fulfillment

An entrepreneur or business develops an innovative new product, service or idea.

A crowdfunding campaign is launched on a site like Kickstarter or IndieGogo to raise the capital needed to bring the idea to life.

Money is raised, and now rewards must be sent to the individuals who backed the campaign.

The campaign creator partners with a crowdfunding fulfillment service, and ships its inventory of backer rewards to them.

Once received, the fulfillment services partner will sort and store the rewards in their warehouse.

Rewards will be picked, packed, kitted (if necessary), and sent out to the campaign backers.

Campaign supporters receive their reward and are excited!

How Angetion can help you with crowdfunding fulfillment?

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