Common Things To Consider When Evaluating Crowdfunding fulfillment Services

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For their projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, many campaign owners choose to use a third-party provider of crowdfunding shipping services.

Fulfilling these purchases is frequently difficult and overwhelming because a variety of incentives must be mailed out to a large number of backers.

You invested a lot of time and effort into developing a fantastic product before raising financing through crowdfunding. It's now time to consider how to deliver them, complete those orders, and ensure that your crowdfunding campaign runs as intended.

We'll go over the factors to consider while evaluating crowdfunding fulfillment services in this article.

Things to look at when evaluating crowdfunding fulfillment services

There are numerous methods available for completing your campaign and sending rewards to your backers; the one that is best for you will depend on several  variables:

Location proximity of warehouses

You'll need a fulfillment firm that has warehouses close to where your supporters and customers are located to reduce shipping costs and rapidly reach funders.

For instance, if your business is based on the West Coast and you exclusively sell goods within the United States, it can take a week or longer for them to reach an East Coast customer.

As a result, before entering into any agreements or contracts, make sure your fulfillment service provider provides international or global shipping because doing so will help you reach your target market and sustain your position in it over time.

crowdfunding fulfillment services

Delivery speeds

Some fulfillment firms for crowdfunding only offer ground delivery, which could take weeks to arrive. Make sure your fulfillment partner can offer your backers quick delivery times.

No matter where they are going, a competent crowdfunding fulfillment business should be able to deliver your things within 10 days of your order.

The ideal situation is to have your goods dispatched within five days, however, if your products are created abroad and must first arrive at the fulfillment center before shipping out, this may not always be possible.

Shipping costs

Cost is, of course, a crucial consideration in any company choice. You should look for a delivery partner that offers good value. You'll want to spend as little money as you can without compromising on quality or timeliness.

Get a couple of quotations from various companies to start. Make sure everyone is quoting from the same volume so that you can compare like with like.

While some service providers impose monthly flat rates, others could impose minimum orders or volume- or weight-based fees. Ask about any additional fees, such as setup fees, pick-and-pack fees, and storage fees for the warehouse.

Packaging options

Keep in mind that different products require different forms of packing, and you don't want to sacrifice the product experience because you are constrained by the packaging alternatives offered by your fulfillment partner.

WMS features & functionality

You must conduct thorough research into your business needs and the characteristics you require most.

Start by looking for a solution that includes fundamental CRM features so you can keep track of your backers' addresses and reward preferences (if applicable).

Then determine whether the fulfillment firm utilizes the WMS (warehouse management system) and OMS (order management system), both of which are essential for tracking order status and saving time. After all, the best approach is to use easily integrated software.

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We hope that this article has clarified some of the essential steps in the evaluation process and has benefited your understanding of crowdfunding fulfillment services.

If you need further help with the procedure or would want to be put in touch with vendors, please contact us.


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